Monday, November 8, 2010

The Devils

Directed by: Ken Russel Year of release: 1971 Run time: 111min

The Devils is a powerful, unforgettable meditation on faith, religion, lust, political corruption and human nature. Directed by Ken Russel it is also a sight to behold; every frame seems to be filled with sometimes beautiful sometimes horrific but always mesmerizing imagery and the atmosphere is one of both sexuality and apocalyptic doom. The acting is spectacular; particularly Oliver Reed who plays the protagonist, a controversial and powerful priest in a plague devastated 17th century French city who becomes a target of the church and the dark sexual obsession of a crippled nun. Both of these forces combine with catastrophic results for both the city and Reeds character. Disturbing, visionary and thought provoking, The Devils is true cinematic masterpiece.

Rating 5/5

Available uncut on Region 1 DVD from Euro Cult

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