Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cannibal! The Musical

Director: Trey Parker  Running time: 95 min  Year of Release: 1996

Fans of South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone will find much to enjoy in this silly, spirited musical about real life cannibal Alfred Packer. Although the subject matter is obviously grim the film itself is quite lighthearted with tongue in cheek musical numbers that are quite catchy at times (namely the hilarious "Trapper Song").  The absurd humor isn't nearly has crude has Parker and Stones later work, which may disappoint some. Cannibal! also takes a while to get going, but patient viewers will be rewarded once things start to go sour for the ill fated characters. While shot on a micro-budget the film makes good use of the snowy outdoors locations which give the proceedings a surprisingly  authentic feel (but must have been hell for the cast and crew). Overall Cannibal! The Musical won me over with its tasty blend of absurd humor and quality musical numbers.

Rating: 4/5