Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Boy and His Dog

Director: L.Q. Jones Year of Release: 1975 Running Time: 91 min

A numskull human teenager and his telepathic, intelligent canine companion brave the post nuclear holocaust wasteland in this quirky, black humored science fiction tale . The two share a telepathic bond with each other and their relationship is one of necessity; the dog helps the male locate women while the boy, in turn plays the hunter/gather role, finding food and water for the pair. However their relationship and lives are put in jeopardy when a mysterious young women, whom the boy becomes infatuated with, joins them on their travels.

A Boy and His Dog has held up well over the years, the limited budget was put to good use; the bizarre nuked out world our protagonists inhabit is convincing and the sporadic outbursts of violent action are still rousing. Above all its the clever writing and solid acting(particularly of the dog) that make this film so compelling. A Boy and His Dog is a well made, original and thought provoking piece of sci-fi and there is nothing else really quite like it. Defiantly worth tracking down.

Rating: 4/5

With this film quite a few different dvd editions exist, some out of print, some not.

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